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Operating for 30 years in extrusion coating markets, Milspeed brings an enviable wealth of expertise in specialist films, coatings and adhesives, delivering high quality products and outstanding service. We are different, not only in the scope and scale of our capabilities, but in the way we go about everything we do. We understand it’s not just about producing quality products, but also contributing towards sustainable, superior, more secure and ever more creative solutions for the film and coating industry.

The Milspeed difference is our commitment to providing better quality, better serviced and more inventive solutions. We believe this is evident in the calibre of our people, our investment in R&D and our willingness to collaborate on projects of varying scope and scale.

It is our mission that Milspeed customers and partners benefit from our understanding that our current and future success depends on:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees and those who deal with us
  • A superior customer experience through knowledgeable commercial and operational teams that guide customers through selecting the right film to ensuring every order is delivered on time and to every customer’s satisfaction.
  • Technical development that delivers advanced innovation in films and coatings with the ability to draw upon a network of technology and resources
  • Building strategic partnerships to create integrated solutions for targeted market segments whilst strengthening our geographic presence
  • Continuous improvement that adds value through improving productivity and cost effectiveness of current applications.
  • Commitment to quality with ISO 9001 registered facilities
  • Investment in our infrastructure, extrusion technologies and operations, whilst conserving resources and recycling sustainable materials
  • Investing in our employees who are specialists in their respective areas to develop their full potential
  • Always displaying integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers and employees