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Manufacturing excellence is about more than the ability to produce a quality product in large quantities at great speed. We own one of the largest machines of its kind located within a secure UK site and able to produce 24 hours a day from 20 to in excess of 300 metres per minute so economies and ecologies of scale are easily realised. panoramic shot of machineFor us, good manufacturing is about establishing partnerships; working with people to discover innovative solutions, solving complex problems and pioneering new applications with the aim of advancing industry.

The scale and scope of our resources, from small bespoke production to huge continuous runs, combined with expert engineers with over 45 years experience and a versatility that allows for innovation has established our manufacturing capability with limitless potential.
Find out more about our range of manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Laboratory with development testing capability. Experienced, highly qualified chemists and polymer specialists
  • Extrusion Coating (From 6 gm2 up to 1000gm2) – continuous in-line production
  • Extrusion Lamination (batch process)
  • Flexible Film Casting
  • Slitting with 24 hour capability
  • Film sheeting and conversion
  • Pouch conversion (available for contract hire in a separate, secure area)
  • Granulating, reprocessing and production of pellets within the Milspeed facility