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We believe it is our obligation to drive sustainability best practices in our chosen markets. As a business, Milspeed was an early adopter in exploring truly environmental alternatives, with expertise in reprocessing materials and plastics by investing in continually improved processes and environmental auditing. Our business is at the forefront of reducing carbon foot print through instituting closed loop systems with customers to take back their industrial waste for recycling into new footwear stiffener materials. We hold the Control Union Recycling Certification and our carbon footprint has been audited by Jacobs Environmental Consultancy.

We are doing our part to promote sustainable business practices and protect and improve the environment throughout our operations, by:

  • Sourcing materials responsibly and applying the best techniques and practices to minimize depletion of resources and optimize process efficiency.
  • Recycling waste materials wherever possible.
  • Employing responsible management practices to ensure emissions, wastewater, and volumes of waste material remain as low as possible.
  • Implementing energy reduction projects to evaluate gas and electricity reduction options.
  • Optimizing logistics, load size, and location to minimize emissions.
  • Examples of polymers used within our own formulations and manufacturing include HDPE, EBA, EVA, LDPE, IONOMERS and PP. Each responsibly sourced, tested and controlled to perform to the highest standards.

Our dedication to improved environmental performance is why we are leading the way in creating sustainable, cost-effective, performance tested materials that add value to our customers’ products.