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Industrial Films & Coatings

Milspeed Industrial films are engineered to perform to the highest standards in the most demanding applications. We have extensive expertise and experience in manufacturing & coating a diverse combination of substrates and polymers; making Milspeed the ideal partner for developing new products or creating innovation within an existing market.

For an indication of our Co-extrusion capabilities and some of the substrates and polymers that we have experience with, please visit our extrusion coatings page.

Our markets and applications include:

  • Coated Non-woven Products – As one of Europe’s largest specialist coaters of non-woven materials, Milspeed brings an unquestionable breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience, to any application requiring a coated non-woven. Encompassing an incredibly diverse range of applications & markets, Milspeed’s unparalleled understanding of both material & polymer technology combined with our unique production facility makes Milspeed an ideal manufacturing or toll-coating partner. By being able to offer both Co-extrusion capabilities as well as in-line lamination, it has enabled Milspeed to deliver significant multi-layer & complex composite products, driving both market and product innovation to our customers.
  • Dry Film Adhesives – Subject to the polymer, application and process parameters our range of Dry Film Adhesives are available as either a supported or unsupported thermal adhesive film. By manufacturing the adhesive polymer into a film it significantly aids our customers in their;processing & manufacturing process. Resulting in improved adhesion, greater productivity, reduced waste, etc.Used to bond a range of materials & substrates either similar or dis-similar such as; wood, metal, foam, PVC, Polycarbonate, Fabrics, Leather, and many many more ……
  • Electronic & Battery – Milspeed offers a range of substrates and adhesives designed specifically for both the printed electronics markets as well as the latest generations of battery storage. Whether you are looking for sustained high performance through; high temperatures resilience, resistance or barrier(s) to chemicals, gases or water; by using the latest polymer and materials Milspeed are established as a leading product manufacturer for the development and innovation in these markets.
  • Barrier & Breathable – Our range of substrates and polymer coating technologies are designed to offer either added barrier or breathable properties and cover a wide range of end use applications. At Milspeed our expertise is providing additional performance and enhanced properties to conventional functional materials. Whether you are looking at additional barrier or performance requirements to conventional substrates such as; aluminium foils, metalised PET’s, etc., we are able to add simple single-layer functional coatings or using or co-extrusion capabilities add blended polymers to give add barrier or functionality, such as PCTFE. Our coating technologies also extend to include non-fossil based materials and coatings designed from renewable materials such as PLA, etc. As well as offering improvements in barrier performance, we have extensive experience in adding greater breathability, with enhanced performance of moisture vapour transition rate (MVTR) using coating technologies such as Pebax and other “wiking technologies”
  • Puncture Resistant Coatings / Films – At the core of Milspeed’s expertise is the coating of Non-woven substrates for improved puncture resistance, added strength and enhanced structural integrity. Are coated materials have been extensively, but not exclusively, in the footwear industry for many years and have garnered an unrivalled reputation for performance, quality and driving innovation. Our expertise now extends much further than coated non-woven’s and is being used in a broader range of applications than footwear. Working with the most innovative polymer and hot melt coating technologies in the world, Milspeed continues to drive innovation and enhanced performance in many markets and applications. This includes our extruding many conventional materials such as; HDPE, LDPE, etc., for added puncture resistance, but also combining added performance and cost effective solutions using more recent innovative technologies such as Metalacines for excellent puncture resistant coatings.

Suitable for many applications requiring:

  • Exacting manufacturing standards
  • Knowledgeable innovative expertise
  • Solution focused development
  • High level of customisation
  • Controlled manufacturing facility
  • Toll Coating service
  • Collaborative Manufacturing Partner
  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company

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