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Specialist Packaging Films & Coatings

Our manufacturing expertise and extensive technical support make Milspeed the ideal partner for development of new packaging films and coated products. Milspeed are at the forefront of environmental drives in the use of more sustainable materials & polymers as well as “product life-cycle” and recyclability.

Our markets and applications include:

  • Metalised Films – Milspeed’s ability to coat a diverse range of both Metalised substrates as well as aluminium foils in a wide spectrum of gauges;currently from 12mic upwards.The combination of our flexibility & versatility in terms of substrate & gauge, sits alongside our co-extrusion capabilities. Adding in our vast range of polymer technologies and offering either one-side or two-side coatings; has enabled Milspeed to become a well established coating partner within the coated metalised films market place.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging – Offering “scalable” manufacturing expertise, alongside a flexible and technically resourced can-do approach, has allowed many of our customers to build new and innovative products.Our collaborative approach to manufacturing alongside our openness/willingness has driven product development for applications and markets that many larger coating companies just aren’t interested in.
  • Lidding Applications – Offering a bespoke manufacturing and coating solution to the lidding film market has enabled our customers to build and develop products to access markets & applications that would otherwise would not be accessible to them. Our combination of technical understanding and ability to offer a tailored manufacturing solution makes Milspeed the ideal supplier or development partner. In addition to our being able to supply a dedicated manufacturing solution we also offer a Toll-coating service where we work with our customers to build the product that will meet if not exceed their demanding performance characteristic’s. For a better understanding of the range of substrates and polymers that we are currently have experience in working with please visit or extrusion coating section under manufacturing or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.
  • Packaging Lamination – The flexibility of our production equipment combined with our approach to manufacturing and product development allows for extremely efficient production of packaging films; either laminated and/or coated films. Whether you are requiring a quite simple mono-layer coating or a more complex multiple-layer composite structure, Milspeed’s expertise can help deliver the solution.In addition to our co-extrusion capabilities and in-line lamination, we have the ability to offer one or two-side coating, as well as adding functional additives via our metering system (Motan gravimetric blender). Our additive system allows for the addition of performance enhancing or functional production properties to a coated layer or layers. Our current typically additive levels are around 10% upwards, but lower levels of additives can be catered for.
  • Reinforcement Films – We manufacture, coat and supply a very broad spectrum of products that we supply to the reinforcement products market.Our diverse product range includes:
    – Industrial compostable films, such as PLA used in bag & sack reinforcement.
    – Coated products such as; PET, BOPP, PVC, etc., to adhere to various substrates for reinforcement & strengthening.
    – Extruded polyolefin’s; such as LDPE, HDPE, etc.
    – One or two-side coated non-woven’s with various adhesives or polyolefin’s.
    – Coated mesh and scrim’s, again one or two-side coated
  • Depending upon your performance and technical requirements, we are also able to build in additional functional properties using our extensive experience in coating various polymer technologies to not only give added reinforcement, but also give improved performance in:
    – Water resistance or barrier properties to water and other liquids.
    – Greater gas permeability or barrier
    – Breathability including “wicking” technologies and cooling

Suitable for many applications requiring:

  • Exacting manufacturing standards
  • Knowledgeable innovative expertise
  • Solution focused development
  • High level of customisation
  • Controlled manufacturing facility
  • Toll Coating service
  • Collaborative Manufacturing Partner
  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company

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